Please note: this site will no longer be updated. It is online just as a reference for 1950's sci-fi fans.

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I recall the time when I went to see "The War of the Worlds" along with my dad and my brother.
I was about ten years old at the time and an easily impressionable kid.
My dad warned me: "According to me this will scare you!" I didn't listen. There are few things in life that attract me more than science fiction and horror films. It ended up that I had to walk out before the middle of the movie, due to the fact that the terrible potato-shaped aliens had scared the daylights out of me. Since then quite a few years have passed; today, fortunately I'm not as impressionable as then and science fiction continues to be one of my preferred movie categories.
I really can not put my finger on why i like so much the sci-fi movies produced in the fifties. I hope to please everyone who shares the same passion for such movies by providing, above all, photographic material related to those fantastic films.
It's not that I have the pretense of developing an extensive archive regarding fifties sci-fi films, but in a modest way I have simply gathered material about the films that for one reason or the other have impressed me in a particular way.
A lot of these images have been captured from video source and edited by me, which are emphasized by way of the "dd" indicative, while the rest I found on the web or in books. Where possible I have indicated the source, while in the cases where I did not know or remember I did not indicate such (I invite those interested to correct me to do so in such cases).
The same applies to the textual material exposed. Be it by way of the web, or through books, I have indicated title and author. I hope to be able to add other films in the future, but for now enjoy the site visit.
To all a cordial KLAATU BARADA NIKTO

Daniele Demma
January 1999

(Many many many thanks to Nazim Beltran for the translation!)